Success Stories

Melissa Franzia

Melissa Franzia

How long have you been a member?
11 months

Which BAC location are you a member of?

What do you do at Brenda Athletic Clubs? Which programs do you utilize?
Yoga with Lindsey, Personal Training and cardio.

How many days and for how long do you work out?
5 days/ 2 hours

What changes have you seen in your body and health since you have been working out?
I am getting stronger and happier!

What has been the biggest change in your life due to your exercise routine?
I sleep better and have less stress. My blood pressure.

How do you feel that BAC staff and fitness facility has made your fitness goals successful?
Yes! I love the BAC staff; especially my trainer Rachel she’s so knowlegable.

How do you enjoy spending your leisure time? Any hobbies?

Any other thoughts you would like to share with us regarding your success?
Hang in there- “Rome was not built in one day”. It’s a lifestyle change.

We are so proud of you Melissa!
— at Brenda Athletic Clubs.

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Fernando has been a member of Brenda Athletic Clubs Turlock Sport for one year. The full time CSUS student utilizes a little bit of everything at Brenda Athletic Clubs. He uses all of the equipment and meets with personal trainer, Kristi Zarate. Fernando works out 6 days a week for one hour. He uses our cardio machines, weight training and personal training workouts with Kristi.

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Rob has been a member of Modesto Sport since December 2010.

Rob works full time and very busy, but still makes time to be fit and healthy.

Rob spends about 30 minutes per day stretching followed by 45-60 minutes of lifting weights or cardio work, including elliptical and treadmill (depending on the day of the week). Rob works out 5 days per week, 2-2.5 hours per day. He also works out with his personal trainer, Nate.

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