Aquatics Fitness at BAC

Here at Brenda Athletic Clubs we offer aquasize/aerobics classes year round as well as swimming lessons. Check out our pool lap lane schedule for more information on class times. Click HERE.


25 Meter Lap Pool

Toddler Pool with Mushroom Fountain

2 Children’s Pools




Children’s Pool



Why Aqua Exercise?

pool1Water provides both buoyancy and support for your body. When you are up to your neck in water, you only need to support 10 percent of your body’s weight. When exercising in the water at waist level, you need only support 50 percent of your body’s weight. The jarring and pounding of body joints, bones and muscles that can occur with other land exercises are greatly reduced in the water. You are less likely to experience aches and soreness following a workout in the water. Water provides more resistance than air because of its increased density. This increased resistance helps to promote better muscular endurance and tone. You will see quicker results when exercising in the water, compared with the same exercise routine on land. Water exercise can improve flexibility without causing undo pressure to joints. Because of the lessened effects of gravity in the water, the joints can more easily be moved through a wider range of motion. This helps to improve long-term flexibility and is especially beneficial as we age.

How many calories does it burn?

In general, a water workout expends more energy than a similar land-based exercise because of the resistance of the water. The average person burns 450 to 700 calories during one hour of aerobic activity. Wow! It’s time to jump in the refreshing pool to kick start your calorie burning session!

Who can participate?

People of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy water workouts. When submerged in chest deep water, about 85 percent to 90 percent of the body’s weight remains supported. As a result, much less stress is placed on the body’s joints during aquatic exercise than during similar exercise on land. This makes water aerobics an ideal choice not only for healthy individuals, but also for those affected by medical conditions such as arthritis, neck and back problems, strokes and obesity. People who may be too embarrassed to exercise on land can more comfortably work out in the water.