Personal Training

personaltrainingOur personal training department here at Brenda Athletic Clubs Turlock Sport help our members achieve their personal fitness and weight goals. Every new member to BAC receives a free complimentary personal fitness orientation with our fitness consultant. During this orientation, our fitness consultant discusses the member’s fitness goals, learns of any injuries or medications, discusses basic diet information, plans a weekly workout schedule, and takes the member through a 20-30 minute workout.

All of information discussed in the orientation differs from member to member because we plan personal fitness plans that accommodate every member based on their own needs and goals. If the member makes the decision to sign up for additional personal training sessions to meet with a personal trainer on a regular basis, the member is set up with one of our highly experienced certified personal trainers.

Your personal trainer will keep you accountable, give you support, motivation, and the expertise you need to reach your fitness goals. Many of our personal trainers have different specialties ranging from athletic strengthening to senior fitness to weight loss to rehabilitation and everywhere in between. Many of our trainers also have different schedules with some starting at 4am when we open and others staying until 11pm when we close, so we are available at any time to help you meet your fitness goals.

Our personal training department will exceed all of your expectations and more, so stop by today to receive your free fitness orientation. Whether you are a new member looking to learn more about fitness or an existing member who needs a little help getting back on track, call us today and we will get you on the path to a full body fitness life change.